10 Phrases That Can Derail an Agile Project
Agile and Waterfall Tango Dancing
Agile Estimation and planning
All about Scala
ALM retrospective
An Introduction to Amazon Web Services
Applying Lean Thinking to Product R&D Process
A Successful Git branching model with git-flow
Big Data In the Cloud
Building a graph using MongoDB in large scale using RoR
building a web infrastructure for 10M users.
Building Lightweight Products
Building Network and Battery Efficient Apps
Chef & AWS OpsWorks
Clojure for Big Data processing
Composing Software
Configuration management with Puppet
Content Recommendation Engines
Continuous Deployment @ outbrain
Coverage Lies
Crawling The Web
Danger! Craftsmen ahead!
Data Collection , Monitoring & Logging in High Scale Environements
Data Collection , Monitoring & Logging in High Scale Environments
Designing to the eXperience: what UX pros can learn from sales and CX
Development for Android
DevOps for developers a Journey from Ops 2 Dev and Back
DevOps real life showcase - Gogobot
Dive into OOP & Architecture in Javascript
Doing Lean in B2B
Event sourcing
Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Unit-Testing (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
Fostering Software Craftsmanship (Building Successful Teams)
From Java to Scala, an Android application use case
Functional OOP, Clojure style
Functional programming from an OOP perspective
Go a Go-Go!
Going CI, CD, the experience
Gradle - A Better Way to Build
Hadoop testing workshop
Hamcrest - UI unit testing
How Scala promotes TDD
HTML5 APIs For Modern Web Apps
Inspiring Products
Introduction to Agile & Scrum
Introduction to Angular.js framework
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