Redis - a news breed of NoSQL

Many people know Redis as a memcached replacement for in memory caching. The reality is that it is much much more, it can be used as a very sophisticated and robust in-memory NoSQL database, with persistent storage; giving you tremendous speeds and and scalability, not without reliability - all while keeping things simple. 

The talk will include:
1. The basics of redis
2. Advanced usage - sets, sorted sets, hashes.
3. push/subscribe using redis.
4. scaling redis to a cluster.
5. example usages and benchmarks.

Dvir Volk - dvirsky [AT] gmail [DOT] com

For an audio recording of this talk

Dvir gave this talk on ILTechTalks week on June 2012
His presentation is the "kick ass" one attached.
Video of this talk can be found here:

Dvir also mentioned an Open source project "

Kickass-Redis - a loose framework of Redis based data solutions

he is working on which is located in

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