Introduction to Unit Testing and TDD

Unit testing is recognized as a best practice in every self respecting agile shop. It is a big change going from an organization of "debuggers" to test writers.
Throw in TDD (Test Driven Development) and that change becomes even harder.

In this session, Gil Zilberfeld talks about what unit tests really are,how they benefit the developers and organization. Gil also talks about starting TDD, and about real world issues, tools and solutions, and shows examples of do's and don'ts in unit testing. 

If you'd like to succeed with unit testing, rather than read calculator examples, this is for you.

Bio: Gil Zilberfeld has been developing software for over 15 years, and has vast experience in implementing development practices. As Technology Evangelist at Typemock, his expertise is unit testing and other engineering best practices.

Gil brings his real-life experience, along with a bit of sarcasm, since these two are a match made in heaven.
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