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Vagrant and Puppet, your ops sketching board

We have our compilers, editors and build tools for developing our software, Yet up till now we were left with a limited set of options when we approached our infrastructure development tasks.
It would be great to have reproducibility, fast iterations and testability in our infra environments, tools like Vagrant, Puppet, FPM and Librarian Puppet help us reach these goals.

In this talk we would cover:

 * The notion of sandboxing, why it will help you to develop faster.
 * Introducing Vagrant:
    * Vagrant boxes.
    * Puppet integration and short intro on Puppet.
    * Multiple sandboxes and wiring.
 * Dependency management using Puppet librarian puppet and bundler.
 * Showcasing different use cases:
    * Automatic development environment setup puppet-base-env. 
    * Distributed Storm cluster sandbox storm-sandbox.
    * Using Vagrant and for FPM packaging testbed graylog2-sandbox.

Speaker: Ronen Narkis
Video: http://youtu.be/R8CD97SE6Eg