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Strategies in Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery entails many concerns that you need to take care of; from changing the company culture to development methodologies. You have to follow Test Driven Development, perform A/B tests on every new feature you deploy to production; The product managers' is feature centric with feature toggles to turn features on and off; You have to perform gradual deployments, and more.

In this talk I will discuss some of the strategies we use at Wix to address these concerns, letting Wix to deploy hundreds of times every month.

You will get a behind the scene look of how Wix manages A/B tests, how they changed their development methodology and the impact it had on their company culture. You will also learn what are feature toggles and how they use them to solve real life problems, and of course how they manage to do hundreds of deployments and evolve their system with no downtime.

Speaker: Aviran Mordo