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Scala in Practice

A Case Study

While the Java platform has gained notoriety in the last 15 years as a robust application platform with a thriving ecosystem and well-established practices, the Java language has had its share of criticism. Highly verbose, overly didactic, limited feature set; whichever flavor of criticism you prefer, it's patently obvious that Java is playing catch up to more modern languages with a less rigid evolution path.

The language landscape today is vastly different than it had been five or ten years ago; a wide array of languages are available, designed to suit a variety of flavors: Groovy, Clojure, Scala, Gosu, Kotlin... which should you choose? This lecture focuses on one company's decision to focus on Scala, and presents a case study based on our experiences using Scala in practice, in the hope of providing much-needed real world context to assist your decision.

This presentation was used for the Scala In Practice lecture at the Botzia Israeli Java User Group meeting, May 3rd 2012.

Speaker: Tomer Gabel - tomer [at] tomergabel [dot] com.