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Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted, object-oriented, high-level language that has become enormously popular over the last few years, in no small part because of the "Ruby on Rails" framework for Web development.  What is it about Ruby that has excited so many programmers around the world?  And why has Rails changed the way in which people develop Web applications?  This talk will describe:
  • Why do people use Ruby?
  • How does Ruby make a difference?
  • What does Ruby on Rails offer developers?
  • What tools, used with Rails, make it a particularly compelling ecosystem in which to develop software?
I expect that we will also be able to spend some time discussing the curious fact that Israeli developers have been slow to adopt Ruby and Rails; whereas it is taking Europe and the United States by storm, Ruby remains a relatively minor player in Israel.  (We can also discuss how that is changing, albeit slowly.)

Reuven Lerner