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Kanban is an up and coming lightweight way to go Lean/Agile
Its main focus is on Focus and Flow, without too much overhead, and without requiring many changes and revolutions up front. 
Its also a great fit for Continuous Deployment and frequent direction changes, as its as flexible as the team needs. 
We can talk about how Kanban can look for a small technology company based on real cases from Israel, the relation to Lean Startup, and if interesting, how to also use Scrum using Scrumban. 

See http://www.agilesparks.com/kanban for some more information

Yuval's presentation from ILTechTalks week 2012 is here : http://prezi.com/xpmzdiu4o3rl/intro-to-kanban/
and video of the talk is here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/23418630