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Gradle - A Better Way to Build

  • Why Gradle? Reasons Gradle makes your builds better and faster.
  • Gradle integration with Maven and Artifactory: downloading and uploading from/to Maven/Artifactory repositories
  • Gradle integration with Ant
  • Gradle unit-tests: integration with JUnit and TestNG
  • Gradle tasks and dependencies
  • Gradle DSL: explanation, examples and troubleshooting tips
  • Gradle Groovy: using Groovy and Ant to express your build logic
  • Gradle multi-project builds
  • Gradle integration with Jenkins and TeamCity
  • Optionally: (adds extra 60 minutes) developing an example multi-project from scratch using Groovy and Scala, hosting it on GitHub and building it with either Jenkins or TeamCity 
  • Optionally: (adds extra 30 minutes) 2 ways to develop and host Gradle plugins

  • Speaker: Evgeny Goldin - evgenyg@gmail.com