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Fostering Software Craftsmanship (Building Successful Teams)

Software Craftsmanship benefits a company by creating environment of excellence, quality and on time delivery. 
Moreover, it benefits you as a professional, by enhancing your knowledge, skills and capabilities.

In this talk I will describe the principles of Software Craftsmanship and how to apply those principles in your teams.
I will talk (providing examples of my own experience) on how to build successful teams - ones that succeed in delivering high quality products AND on time.

During the session we will discuss: Random thoughts on Management, Clean Code, Building\Deploying Code, Architecture\Design and Training.
(Depending on how much time we will have, I will present code and architecture examples)

Please also apply for the Israeli Software Craftsmanship Group. See the Linkedin Group and my blog for more details.
Ori Lahav,
Jul 5, 2011, 6:34 AM