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Cassandra is a highly available distributed full peer to peer database originally developed at facebook and now a graduate apache project. 
Cassandra's main strengths are linear scalability up to the petabytes, ease of management and tunable performance and consistency levels.
In the talk I'll cover a general introduction to no:sql and will dive into one of the emerging no:sql DBs, Cassandra. 
I'll be happy to speak about the experience we have with cassandra at outbrain as well as dive into implementation details as an active contributer to the apache cassandra project and author of Hector, a popular java client for cassandra (where time allows).

Blog post and video by Ran Tavory - an Introduction to NOSQL and Cassandra,

Part 1: http://prettyprint.me/2010/01/09/introduction-to-nosql-and-cassandra-part-1/  

Part 2 http://prettyprint.me/2010/01/20/introduction-to-nosql-and-cassandra-part-2/