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Agile and Waterfall Tango Dancing

In today's world developing Complex projects are becoming more and more challenging.

I am a strong believer that Switching to Agile is the right move to help deal with these challenges, But The question is "How?"

Doing the transition too dramatically may actually create the negative effect, and in order to change Many years of corporate culture and we need to focus on working with the managers to do this.

In this talk i will present based on my own experience several tips on how an architect can assist in Agile transition by influencing the relevant managers.

Speaker: Lior Israel- Highly experienced Software and Hardware developer, designer and System Architect. I started my studies of electronics on the early 1990's and have a degree in computer science. I have a practical formal experience of over 18 years with software and hardware development, design and more. Currently working as a software architect of large scale IT applications with cutting edge technologies

Daniel Granatshtain,
Aug 7, 2013, 12:24 PM