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10 Phrases That Can Derail an Agile Project

“Communication”. Though not mentioned by name in the Agile Manifesto, it is its corner stone. The more we communicate, we’re bound to succeed. Yet nobody teaches us how to do it well.
Think of how “It will be done when it’s done” sounds to a product owner (hint: the developers don’t know what they are doing). Or what the team hears when the test manager states that “We need 100% coverage” (hint: she doesn’t understand anything about development).
In this session, I’ll talk about how innocent phrases, thrown around casually, can have a devastating effect on agile projects. I’m going to discuss where these phrases come from, and how they can easily be misinterpreted and the effect they can have on a project, from mild cynicism to utter distrust. 
You don’t want that, do you? 

Then come to the session and learn what NOT to say, how to react effectively to these phrases, and keep your project on track.