Doing the impossible 50 times a day: Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment (CD) takes "release early, release often" to the
limit: as long as the build is green you can push code to production -
agility at its best. Companies practicing CD safely release their products
dozens (hundreds!) of times a day, rapidly responding to their customers,
and reducing their "code inventory". CD is a core concept in a Lean Startup,
coined at IMVU and perfected at kaChing, and may be applied in traditional
organizations as well.
In this talk we will discuss the architecture, tools and culture needed for
successful CD. Specifically, we will discuss traditional release
methodologies and how they could be evolved into CD; Infrastructure software
like Apache ZooKeeper; Monitoring tools; testing pipe-lines; deployment
orchestration techniques; and (finally) how the aforementioned technologies
can be integrated into an effective "immune system" which allows the team to
quickly gain confidence in new code.


Silicon Valley area

Eishay Smith
eishay at gmail dot com

Video of this talk given in ILTechTalks week by Ran Tavory -